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Good morning,

I'm a beginning photographer. Mainly taking pictures during holidays, around the house, indoor during birthdays, friends performing with their band and stuff like that. I've been having fun with an old nikon D60 for 5 years now, but I feel like I need an upgrade for some better low light performance. I already have some lenses. A 55-200mm tele, 35mm f1.8 prime and a macro/fisheye lens (it consists of 2 parts) I got from a friend wich I can connect to my 18-55 kitlens.

As an upgrade I was looking for a nikon d5x00 or d7x00. Since the 7100 is outside my budget of €800 I was looking for a nikon 5300 (it doesn't differ that much with the 5500), but yesterday I came along a nice promotion in a local photostore. A D7000 with a 18-105mm lens and a 2nd battery for €799 and I'm in doubt if I should go for it or wait untill a nice D5300+18-105 comes along. I do want a new kitlens with the camera. This way I can pass along my old D60 with kitlens to my mother.

What can you guys recommend? The d7000 might be older, but still a great camera and it has AF inside the body wich makes it compatible with older AF lenses. A D5300 seems to have a bit better low-light performance and a newer image processor.

Looking forward to your advice guys!


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    Dont even think of a D7000 unless you are gettting it cheap cheap cheap..16 MP forget it . If you want to go with older lenses get the D7100 which should drop in price when the D7200 comes out
  • I can get the d5300 + 18-105 for €760 and the d7000+18-105 for €799 so budget wise it doesn't really matter. The D7100+18-105 is around €1000 right now in my area wich is outside my budget. Are there any speculations about how much the D7100 is gonna drop when the 7200 comes out?
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    The D5500 does have better low light ability.

    A used D7000 should be about $400 or about 360 Euro. On eBay some new D7999 are at $400.
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    I debated this 6 months or so ago. I actually got the d5200 as the 5300 didn't really change much. It is up to what you need. Do you need the more advanced features of the d7000? Otherwise the d5300 is going to perform better. It had the same autofocus system and a newer/better sensor. It doesn't have the in body focus motor but unless you plan to buy some old lenses then it doesn't matter. I am glad I got my d5200 instead of splurging for the d7100. It has been able to do what I want. I have always taken the buy a cheaper body and get some better glass route and it has been good for me.
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    Tough Choice. I had the D7000 and have to say that it is a great camera if you are not: 1/ Needing to go above 1600 ISO (preferably 800) or 2/ blow up prints bigger than 24 x 16. Once you have had one you will hugely prefer the handling over the single wheel bodies (3xxx/5xxx).
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