Focus plane shifting shutter vs AF-ON?

KellynikonKellynikon Posts: 23Member
edited February 2015 in Nikon DSLR cameras

I was curious to know if there is a difference in aquire focus using the AF-ON button.

As far as I know it is like this:

1. When you put the camera in AF-continuous mode you can press the AF-ON for single focus, or hold for continuous focus. With the shutter button you have to change it first in the camera.

2. Now is there a difference in the focus shifting in using AF-ON or the shutter button? Or is fast changing between single and continuous focus the only benefit?

3. I'm asking this because I am having trouble getting the right focus with focussing and recomposing. Would moving to AF-ON help me focus better, than the shutter button set to AF-continuous?


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