D4 AF firmware update : results and differences ?

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Hi to all,

I've installed the new firmware update on my D4, but didn't tried it yet.

It seems it improves tracking. Someone has tested ?


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    I wish I had gotten time to actually go out and shoot my D4. I believe mine is still running firmware 1.02 IIRC. I am definitely curious to see if this was done in response to reports of poor bright light AF.
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  • MsmotoMsmoto Posts: 5,398Moderator
    I installed it and am always grateful the camera seems to work after I do thee things. I think the only difference is in tracking with continuous servo. And, I have not had a real problem...always some are going to be missed.

    I suspect this will not actually be tested until the weather is warmer and I go out and shoot wildlife or cars/motorcycles, etc.
    Msmoto, mod
  • TabazanTabazan Posts: 29Member
    Will test this w-e but just like Msmoto, never had probes with tracking.

    On the firmware upgrades, I would have suggested instead : add % of zoom on the LCD when reviewing pics (technically possible ? - goes to 100% or further, which would be useless ?)), and (as I encountered some problem with them : controls not effective), the Picture Control settings effectiveness...
  • DY8DY8 Posts: 13Member
    Hopefully someone still reads this thread...
    I experienced a technical issue today on a shoot; in front of my client no less.
    The Setup: D4, 2 Elincrhom BX500ri, triggered by EL Skyport at close proximity in a small room.
    The problem: my lights were not triggering.
    Why it is posted here: This setup has been tried many times and has never failed. My Elinchroms have been super reliable. So, the only thing I can think of that is different is that this is the first time shooting since upgrading my D4 firmware to 1.04.

    Here's what I tried on site: turning camera off/on; turning Skyport off/on; raising my Skyport antenna, turning one of my strobes off/on, changing a fresh battery in the Skyport. No fix!

    Here are the kickers...using the Test button on the Skyport would trigger lights as expected. I had to quickly go to plan B, thankfully I was prepared and had a Sync cord and attached it to a strobe and my D4 PC sync and set the second strobe as slave. Strangely, there were a few shots where my lights still did not trigger, which started the panic in my heart, but after a few more shots things were working and I completed my assignment.

    When I got home, I tried to simulate the situation and I have NOT been able to recreate it. In other words, things are working perfectly. But its these situations that make you worry that it could happen again, and without any hint of explanation it feels like a crap shoot.

    Has anyone had any issues with their D4 and wireless triggers / flash since upgrading to the most recent firmware?
  • MsmotoMsmoto Posts: 5,398Moderator
    Just a note....yesterday, Monday, using the Elinchrom D-Lite, one 400 ws unit into an umbrella, worked fine. A question...was the trigger in the hot shoe the correct way? I have in the past tried to insert it backward and it does not work.

    Oh, yes, I have the upgrade in the D4 1.04..done last week.

    Possible dirt on the synch contacts? Or battery in the trigger upside down? Or, shutter speed? Other menu setting in D4? Just some suggestions to maybe trigger your thinking.
    Msmoto, mod
  • DY8DY8 Posts: 13Member
    @Msmoto My Skyport doesn't physically allow for backward install. The battery orientation was fine as I was able to trigger using Test button and because I have found the that the Test button will work under a near drained battery cell but not via camera trigger, I replaced it with a fresh batt.
    I'm lost. Maybe some weird electronic interference in the room? Or my Skyport has some loose contacts...but like I said, there were 2-3 shots that did not trigger when I was physically connected via Sync cord, which makes me think it is camera related...which believe me..is the last thing I want to conclude.
  • Benji2505Benji2505 Posts: 522Member
    Shot about 300 shots with phottix Odin triggers after upgrade to most recent firmware a week before. Not a single misfire..
  • DenverShooterDenverShooter Posts: 416Member
    My SB910 ran fine all day yesterday on my D4 after the firmware upgrade.

    Denver Shooter
  • LeonRSLeonRS Posts: 2Member
    Hey guys. Getting back to the original question, has anyone noticed any differences in autofocus performance? I'm asking cause it's one of the very few aspects in wich the D4/D800 aren't exactly shining, compared to the competition. I wonder how much improvement can be made by just tweaking the firmware (speciallists on that topic around?), and if there's an update for the D800 on the horizon.
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