Tripod socket - solid enough?

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I was reading the linked article, and though I've never felt uneasy about using an RRS L-plate on my D800 and D810, I am intrigued as to whether this is just "selling talk" or it has any validity? I usually carry my camera in a BR sling, using the B2-FABF/N on my sling to attach to the L-plate, and it has never failed me in any way. But of course I am always open to hear about new findings...


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    I think I saw an exploded diagram of a body which showed the tripod fixing as a spot welded on boss which is of course larger on the rear than it is on the front. If that is the case, the only destructive force (shear force) that threatens the spot welds is over tightening of anything fitted to it. When hanging on a strap, the spot welds would be under compression by the tightening onto the accessory and by the weight of the body so I believe there is no problem at all.
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    @Killerbob - good question is it real or advertising?

    I would love to see Golf007sd jump in ans share what happened on his EU trip. I believe one accident was on a tripod (not applicable) and the other was related to the knob coming lose on the RRS clamp.

    I like the looks of the BR strap but was not comfortable with the attachment point being on the tripod socket of the camera. The "L" bracket does spread the load out but still puts the load on the tripod socket. The information from spraynpray was new and sounds logical.

    I saw the comments from Nikon and Canon before I made my decision. I still prefer the normal neck lug as the connection point.

    The above link didn't work but this one does:
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    The knob coming loose is what can happen if it is not tightened enough (in a hurry). I must say though, I have now used a sling with the camera attached via the tripod socket for over 4 years. I had the D7000, the D800, and now the D810, all with battery grips, hanging on various slings. I have trekked, climbed, run and swung with my camera this way, and not once have I had any reason to doubt the setup. Not even with failry large lenses attached as well. It seems to me that the camera mount is more flims
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