Anyone in/from Canada?

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Hi there, I am currently an american portrait and wedding photographer in a small and boring town with a diminishing market for my work. I am very strongly considering becoming a Canadian and am searching the country over for a place to settle. First things first... I don't speak french, so keep it to the English speaking provinces :D Looking for a mid-larger sized town (with modern commodities) up to a bustling city. Just not enough work in smaller towns. And a very strong cultural population is a MUST. Even the podunk town I'm from has a summer arts festival. (and it's good too). I've heard very good things about the arts in vancouver, but I've heard VERY bad things about prices and costs of living relative to income.
Would prefer either mountains or ocean, not a plains fan (thats where I am now, want a change in scenery if i can afford it)
I've seen good things said about the economy in Halifax, but not as strong a culture as others.
Cold winters aren't a big deal. I'm 50% Scandinavian... My ancestors where vikings, I can deal with snow.
And of course if there's no local camera store... it's right out! lol
Any first hand suggestions or references would be greatly appreciated.
Or at least information on where/what websites to further my search...


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    As one of the people here from Vancouver, I say good luck! The competition in any of the big/modest sized Canadian cities will be just as tough as any American cities. Vancouver and Seattle are similar if all you want is a "west coast" life style. Unless you plan to settle in select parts of eastern Ontario or Quebec, French will not be an issue. You're more likely to need to speak Mandarin, Arabic, or Punjabi than French. ;)

    Vancouver doesn't have cold winters, if we are lucky we get 2-8cm of snow, per year. Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto all have some great camera shops, so that's not an issue. Halifax is a beautiful city, but I wouldn't say that there is anything exciting about it. If you enjoy history the east coast is for you, since you can visit lots of old French and British Imperial forts and things as such.
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    Well long story short, and in attempt to avoid insulting american patriots... I gotta get away from american politics lol and I'm not gonna get into it any further than that. You know those republicans that threaten to move to canada or europe if their candidate doesnt win? well... I'm a... what politicians call 'independent' and I just don't care about it all anymore and don't want to have to deal with it. lol Sure everywhere has politics, but the grass is always greener on the otherside isnt it? lol anyway... I've always known I wasn't going to stay here, was going to end up somewhere else no matter what happens... and really... things "do to" in a city doesn't really concern me. I'm more of a recluse anyway lol If there are great vistas for pictures of any kind, it's exciting enough for me... esp since where I come from the only vistas to be had are corn... wheat... and soybean fields. So if theres work and things to take pictures of with a good art culture and a decent economy... that's where I'm goin.
    Plus I have second hand experience that Canada is generally a more peaceful place anyway...
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    If you don't like politics Canada isn't any better... we just have more parties.
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    If I take a good photo it's not my camera's fault.
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    case in point...
    Only Iceland, New Zealand and Denmark are more peaceful...
    but back on point....
    anyone with any recomendations for a Canadian city from a photographers standpoint?
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    Don't move to Prince George BC. We would love to move somewhere inspiring, somewhere your not tempted to take pictures of the pulp mill just because it looks dramatic with the fog...
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    This is a political discussion and inappropriate for NRF.
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