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This discussion is sparked from the continuing saga of the -1 button usage in the Photo-a-day thread. The anonymity of it all seems to be the biggest issue. Who did it? What for? Why my image?

As artists, we all create works that aren't just a pretty picture, but rather a representation of our mindset in a sense that we portray what we consider to be great imagery. With that comes the hope of praise, but also the expectation of criticism and even distaste for what someone creates.

Artistic expression is one of the most personal things someone can share. It's you, completely exposed.

About a year and a half ago I came across the story and images of Ryan Muirhead. What he creates are some of the most peaceful yet torrid images I've experienced. His intrepid ability to deal his pain through such beautiful artistry is a talent I'll never match. His work single handily inspired me. His expressions are not protected from a negative response. Recently he made a post to social media about the negative and hateful responses to what he does because it's viewed as "sexual" and "degrading" simply because he uses exposed bodies in his work.

We all share our imagery here as a community. Some find beauty in portraits, others find it in landscapes, birds, flowers and street scenes. Art is meant to spark emotion. If something makes you uncomfortable is that not living out it's purpose? Does that make it a negative image or does that make you a negative person? Why not come to understand that answer before hitting -1 on an internet forum?

I'd like to propose this as an outlet to share who we are as artists and pose questions as to why we do what we do. To better understand what we create as individuals makes for a better community.


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    Internet has the ability to broadcast worldwide immediately. That has its chances and its risks.

    Applicants to colleges are confronted with their instagram accounts by the admissions office these days. Lesson learned: publishing photos has effects that the sender might not have imagined when she/ he posted it.

    We see cultures having access to the internet that request women to fully cover up under the threat of punishment. Lesson learned: the potential audience of the internet is very diverse and (our) Western liberal way of living is only one way of many.

    I understand your frustration with the negative vote for that one picture (which I liked btw), but you have to bring enough frustration tolerance to the table if you participate in the pad (and continue to, I hope). Overall I would agree with earlier comments that the pad lost some of its attractiveness when Peter added the +/- options with the OS change. This way of judgement adds a certain negativity.

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    Something I didn't touch on in the original post was about what I said in my post that triggered this thread.

    What I asked for someone to let me know if they're offended and that I could post elsewhere it was an not emotional response based around my feelings. It was a general outreach to the feelings of others.

    @Benji2505, you make very valid points and many are the root of my response. I know what I do won't be accepted by everyone and is subject to more criticism than say a landscape because it touches more on human feelings. This is why I'm aware that I could offend someone and that is in no way a want of mine. These forums are viewed by people all over the world and I open myself up by using this as a platform. So I expressed my concern by laying it out to anyone that could have a problem with my content that if I need to take it elsewhere to refrain from upsetting the community I certainly would.
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    I think part of the issue is that the +/- buttons mean different things to different users. From some "-" equals a negative, while for others it's just a disagreement. People can and will disagree that a picture is good or bad, since everyone has different taste. While it would be nice to know the context of why a + or - is attributed to a picture, or any post, would be nice, the point of such buttons on forms is to help users reduce needless repetition of information.
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    In a democracy and on a well known website you will always find a few people that disagree or have hard feelings. The majority decides what the rules are and you are free to move within the rules, which you did.

    Now why would you leave just because some minority disagrees? Where would you go hoping to find a opposition free environment? Let them leave. Be more selfconscious. Does the moon care if a dog barks at him?
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    There are plenty of trolls that hang around. There are people that post once and never again. However the majority of those that post regularly are civilized and respectful. The plus and minus features probably weren't meant for a picture thread but just general threads. Facebook realized early on that just having a like button and not a dislike one was a good idea.

    I have had a couple pictures thumbs downed. I don't let it bother me...it is the interwebs. People aren't always going to like all pictures. I know you asked for input of someone didn't like the picture that got thumbs down, but in reality it isn't the critique thread despite being able to give plus and minus votes. If it were possible I think the voting would have been turned off by now...your not the first case of this issue.
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    Let's look at the +1 button. I take it to mean 'I like that'. Good oh, ego massaged, feelings that it was worth posting affirmed, I'm happy. Tick. No need to think more, move on to the next thing. :-)
    So why is the thought process of the -1 button any different? 'I don't like that' - the thought process for that should be 'why would anybody not like it'? Is it something I need to change? It should be obvious if you have a brain - is it a naked body (someone is always not going to like that), have I used profanity in the description of it, is it over processed to the point of looking like hell, Is it a Marmite shot (I like it but nobody else does)? etc. etc. Yes, the -1 is a blunt instrument, but if people are happy to accept +1's, why be so mentally frail as to be overly affected by a -1? Grow up.

    Feel free to -1 as desired, it is just my opinion on how I view the -1/+1 buttons!
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    I must admit I -1 both the above .. ;-) sorry ... :O)
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    OMG! I am so wounded, I'm gonna jump off the roof! Bye...
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    While I understand some folks are in disagreement with some of the aspects of the forum, please remember this is simply a place where we can exchange ideas. The work behind the scenes has IMO prevented spammers and trolls to a great extent.

    As there are no fees paid by users of the forum, we may need to just accept some of the limitations as it is offered.

    It is suggested if someone puts a -1 comment on a post, this is actually a reflection on the individual who offers this negativity and may or may not reflect anything about the OP.

    I can see no useful results from continuing this thread.

    Thank you all for your opinions.
    Msmoto, mod
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