Nikon 18-35mm F3.5-4.5 correcting distortion in LR5

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I'm looking at purchasing a lens to go with my Tamron 70-200. I've read reviews about the above lens saying it's biggest problem is distortion. I was wondering if anyone had this lens how well LR5 corrects this distortion post production.

I photograph kitchens in tight spaces and also do weddings. I was wanting something wide angled that could meet those needs while not breaking the bank. This seemed like a good lens. but is at the TOP of my budget. If I can save money by having Lightroom iron out the kinks then I'm all for it!



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    I can't speak about that particular lens, but up until recently I saw LR as a one click solution to lens shortcomings. Then recently I got a 24-120 and LR doesn't come close to correcting that for me so yes, good question and it will be interesting to read responses.
    Always learning.
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    You could use the preset as a starting point and make your own distortion correction profile. As long as it isn't complex distortion I think it probably wouldn't be too bad. However I haven't tried creating my own.

    I would possibly Google Lightroom correction for the lens. I know before a newer version of Lightroom had corrections for my tokina lens there were people that had made their own and were sharing that.
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    @Tara - do you have a budget for that wide angle lens? How much kitchen shooting do you do...
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    Hi Photobug. I decided to flag buying a lens and just use my wide angled kit lens.
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    I wish Lightroom had a one click solution for the Samyang 14mm. It only comes up in Adobe CC. The new 18-35 G should be quickly fixable in Lightroom CC no? You have two spectacular lenses there by the way in this lens and the Tammy 70-200. I take it you are using the D810? :D
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    I would like the D810 but I have the 610
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    Nikon Capture NX-D or NX-2 have the best corrections for nikon lenses during raw processing. Otherwise NX-D has the worst workflow I have seen, so I develop to tif and open in cs-6

    NX-D is free and worth every penny.
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    I would like the D810 but I have the 610
    The D610 is more than enough camera don't worry! It is excellent as is the D750 :)

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