Zeiss Otus 85mm tested on D810 and Sony A7r

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Once again, I found the Nikon to resolve 19% + better than the Sony. This was nearly the same result as seen in the 135mm Apo-Sonnar testing.

You can see more here - https://sonyvnikon.wordpress.com/

Thanks, Max !
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    I'm sorry.. this article was interesting but lost me at this statement.....

    "The real ‘holy trinity’ of lenses in 2015 are the Zeiss 55mm Otus, the 85mm Otus and the 135mm Apo-Sonnar, combined they cost nearly $11,000. To put these lenses on Sony’s highest performing mirrorless camera (or any Sony mirrorless) is a foolish mistake. You might as well shoot JPEGs on an iPAD. And we haven’t even gotten in to Sony’s 11+7 lossy compression issue yet. Coming soon…"

    Really, put those lenses on a Sony A7r and I really should just go with the iPad? Seriously?

    Then this...
    "It is what it is. On the best lenses made today, the Sony cheats you out of approximately 1/5th of the world class resolution you’re paying for."

    Oh wow, wouldn't it be just as accurate to say Nikon is rewarding you with nearly 20% extra resolution over Sony's already strong offering!

    I'm no Sony fanboy but honestly these comments are just offensive and rude to a company that has done a solid job bringing very capable photographic devices into the marketplace creating competition to give us more choices at better prices.
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    Sometimes I'm grateful not to understand every meaning of an english text. I'm not quite sure, I don't see Sony engineers crawling though the internet and searching for rude words. They would find a couple more rude and more offensive. Working in a company which as company is only dedicated to make more money by just a little bit different, not necessarily better products comes in these internet days with the option getting slapped in the face verbally. Question is, who cares?

    Also, it's not the work of engineers alone. But if the "company that has done a solid job bringing very capable photographic devices into the marketplace creating competition to give us more choices at better prices" why are not more of us changing to them? I think it's the reason mentioned in the article next to the fact that Sony marketing doesn't care much about reliability of invest, they just shoot waves of new products on the market and hoping, this would blow the competition away. No matter what software is doing with our pictures before one gets a chance to edit them in his/her own way.

    I often read the sentence "buying a Sony is not because of their fine lenses (although they lately do have some) but because you can adapt nearly all lenses to it". I also had some Sonys, partly outstanding and advanced concepts - what happened? They gave them up the moment sales went down. Instead of trying to improve, they just abandon their own concept being not loyal to their own ideas. Why should I stay loyal to them if they are changing from day to day completely?
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    Cherry picking what feature to compare is a great sport. Comparing DR between Canon and Nikon you might ask how it is possible to make a living using a Canon body - but lots of people do.

    Comparing the Sony a7, a7II, a7s and a7r to Nikon D800 and D810 you might come up with: The Sonys are half the price and much smaller.

    At the end of the day I think it is possible to make a decent picture with a Sony a7 camera.
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