What is your dream shoot?



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    Enjoy it all you can sevencrossing. I love my RV. :D
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    I can't think of what "is" my dream shoot. I can think of what "are" my dream shoot(s).

    The list is long, and I ain't gettin' any younger.
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    Well my post yesterday got snagged, not sure why, maybe because I cut and pasted a name. Here is my basic list in no particular order:

    1. Monarch butterfly migration in Mexico, visit around Jan time frame
    2. Western US landscape shots, probably require a 4x4 small RV and a lot of hiking to do it right
    3. African safari, like birds and primarily big cats, a couple zebra wouldn't hurt either
    4. A college foot ball game or a NASCAR sprint cup race, more just to say I did it but wonder what I would come home with given the opportunity
    5. A trip to a major large city and free access to the roof of a building middle "height" of all the others for city nightscape shots

    Overall I have to agree that the biggest dream shoot would be:
    1. A trip on the virgin mobile rocket for a few "out of this world" shots, anyone giving any grants for this????
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    I'm working on it. We are trying to set up a D4 on a ROV and take stills of a sunken ship. W've done video, but I want to do stills. Maybe this Summer. The D4 is one of the least expensive components for this job...
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    (1) I want to do an unhindered, unrestricted month-long (or more) shoot of Machu Picchu.

    (2) I want to do a series of portraits around the world on people who are the last masters of traditional skills. Subjects would be working at their craft in each photograph, in their work location.

    What would you like to do?
    Machu Picchu is a non-stop rain and headache tourist fest. Not sure I would wish that one anyone!

    My dream shoot would be Vicky S's fashion show... got to take a photo of one of my future girlfriends at work LOL ;)
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    Now this is a compelling question that would deserve serious thought....so many places and people that I would like to do memorable photos.
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    Machu Picchu is a non-stop rain and headache tourist fest. Not sure I would wish that one anyone!
    It can be. But there are ways around it. One of the issues is the last bus from the ruins down to Agua Caliente leaves at 2:30. If you can walk down (a looong walk), hike in from the Sun Gate (now THAT's a trip) or stay at the very small lodge at the top of the ruins (30 rooms), you can remain at the site after the tourists clear out. If you're lucky and the weather cooperates, you may get something like this:
    What Does It Mean?
    or this:
    Brochure Shot

    That said, the weather is unreliable. The next morning when I went it was pouring and a complete wash. I would highly recommend this trip.

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    Wow...nice pictures. Lucky you were in the right spot at the right time. Good for you. Very nice.
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    The RV thing beckons. However, that might be more for not having to go to work, less about a particular photogenic destination...

    Really, I'm just living to find the next interesting subject. My long-suffering wife has accommodated, planning and executing some really interesting vacations. Northern Europe, churches: didn't know marble came in that many colors. Bordeaux: Wineries and vineyards are cool-looking. Alaska: 'Nuf said...

    Ok, to meet the intent of the thread, I've already paid to attend in the near future a "photo charter", in which they run steam trains by old guys with cameras. Yes, they really do that.
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    I think a month @ Puma Punku in Tiahuanaco would do it for me.
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    If I could just shoot Kim & Kanye together, my life would be complete and I could die happily.
    LOL. You might want to go wide angle to be able to capture that booty.

    @Proudgeek nice shot with the rainbow. Machu Picchu is interesting and obviously the photos are neat, but basically it's a place where hundreds of virgin women starved to death. I liked other parts of Peru better.
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    *edit* never mind.
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    @scoobysmak I been there in mexico when i was a teenager back in my VHS days so I have no photos just memories.
    The experience is beautiful. The drive to and from is scary with a narrow road to the nesting groud.
    Its a one of kind experience. There was also a spring where we filled up on water. I just remember it beign cold.
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    I have been thinking about this, and, what I am doing this weekend might be the ideal shoot... just everyday folks, these being at an Airstream trailer get together... I am becoming convinced that to record reality is what my job is. Or, shoot snapshots, but do it in some reasonable fashion.
    Msmoto, mod
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