New Lee SW-150 II Release Thoughts

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I was pleasantly surprised, but initially worried when I read about this new product being offered by Lee Filters. Afterall I bought the original version for a little over $750 including shipping. That's nearly the price of a new 18-35mm, used 17-35mm or $400 off of a used 16-35mm VR.

I am sure that many of our readers saw this release last Wednesday and I was wondering what your thoughts were? I for one, am quite pleased that as a mark I kit owner, all I have to do is purchase the new light shield and apply it to the existing setup. I always hated the flimsy light blocking flaps that just stop rear light leaks. I am now also interested in the polarizer filter and possibly the big stopper that are being offered. I just picked up a 0.9 ND filter to go along with my 0.6 and 0.9 grads. I could have bought the Fotodiox Wonderpana setup years ago and avoided all this, but I decided on the Lee quality system back in Feb 2014. I know there are a lot of fellow 14-24mm lens shooters on here so I was wondering if you are sold on this new SW-150 II announcement? Lee is notoriously slow with making/shipping new products so its going to take awhile to receive these items anyways...


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    Must not be a lot of interest out there for this new product then. Disappointing..I just received an email from Lee Filters this morning and apparently the new items will begin shipping by the end of April. The new Light Shield will be just 15 British Pounds, the new Big Stopper will be 110 British Pounds, the polarizer is pricey at 150 British Pounds, and the ND 0.9 filter that they already have in stock will be 85 British Pounds.
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