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We read lots of information regarding macro lenses and which one to use, however, how many members still use bellows and of course a lens, not necessarily a macro lens to get images. Since Nikon seem to have lost interest in making bellows for their cameras, last one being the PB-6. Is this becoming a lost form of Macro Photography.

Macro work with Nikon Bellows
Nikon D810 PB-6 Bellows Nikon 105 Bellows lens

Image of a very small Tomato plant just starting to grow.
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    Decades ago (pre-my Nikon days) I used a bellows, but lately I haven't had one, so I use extension tubes. They are very nice, just not as convenient as bellows...but more portable, less bulky, and a whole lot less expensive.

    I look forward to reading what others think.

    Inside a white rose, 20 mm extension
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    Sorry for small to Flickr works, though

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    Another thought/question. My understanding is that bellows all require manual exposure, where extension tubes can be automatic. Depends on your preference, but for me that is an advantage. Is that a limitation of bellows?

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    For me the biggest shortcoming of bellows is the huge light loss along them.
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    That light loss is the same with extension rings - or were you talking about extensions in general?

    My only experience with bellows is large format. When I tried a bellows for 135 I found it somehow flimsy although I like the results. Maybe I should try one day.
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    Spraynpray said, " For me the biggest shortcoming of bellows is the lights loss along them".

    Here is the solution.

    FotoDiox Ring lamp for Macro work
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    Yup, the ring lights address that short coming. I purchased an inexpensive ring light late last year and it works well with my macro lens.

    I wonder if the bellows went the way of a lot of tools because of the complexity and lack of time to become an expert. A macro lens was so much easier to use...remembering from many many years ago. LoL
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    You can still get a good quality Pentax bellows and a nice reversible enlarger lens for not a lot of bucks.

    I think my entire macro bellows was under $250 and I could have gotten it cheaper if I were not in such a hurry.
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    Before I switched to Nikon I had a nice bellow that was affordable and had a two cable release so it would actuate the shutter and stop down the aperture to get the right exposure. I look at the cost of a used PB-6 and feel it's pretty steep for how much I would use it. I'm still considering one of the cheap alternatives.
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    Taking bellows to the extreme.
    Fotodiox 411 with Macro Capabilities
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    Difficult to see, but I can assume the lens is mounted in reverse, front element toward sensor?
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    Msmoto Actually no, It's the Nikon 105 F4 Bellows lens, the bellows has the PB-6E extension coupled to it and at that tine a Nikon 1 series camera, now sold
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