Anybody else had an issue with Adobe's DNG converter?

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My D610 arrived yesterday and my first order of business was to run a few quick checks on the AF system. As expected LR4 doesn't recognize the NEF files. My plan was to just convert the NEFs to DNGs with Adobe's standalone converter until LR6 shows up with the SW built-in. The problem is version 8.8 of the converter doesn't recognize the NEFs either. LR4 knows they're there, it just can't read them. I tried asking DNG 8.8 to convert some NEFs from my D5100 and it tells me it can't find anyfiles "matching the search," just as it did with the D610.

I can work around the problem by dragging individual NEFs from either camera and dropping them on the DNG converter icon, but I haven't managed to get the batch processing "feature" in DNG to see them. Anybody else seen the same issue and, more to the point, found a solution?

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PS - sorry if this has been covered. My wee brain couldn't find a thread.


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