Nikon AW1 experience with WU-1 adapter

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The Nikon AW-1 has limited capabilities within the Nikon wmu app utilizing the WU-1 adapter, allowing only auto setting and no adjustments. The wu-1 adapter is capable of much more, as seen in the users guide, but only for other models.
Does anyone know if this will be fixed in a firmware upgrade?
Has anyone tried to hack the wmu app to allow for my setting configurations or made their own app?
Anyone up for the challenge?

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    The issue isn't camera firmware, it's the wmu app itself. This limitation is not just on the AW-1, but all Nikon cameras with WIFI.
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    I was just going to say something really similar. What feature are you looking at in the user manual? In the one I have it has the same options for all of the cameras...
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