Nikon Df - sales and production numbers



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    Does someone have to have an agenda to make a post here? Is this now a political form? Yes I'm well aware of the "hate" the Df has received (some of it rightly so, and some not). Your personal attacks towards me are hardly any better. Please leave your obvious grudge against me at the door, and try to remain civil for the sake of everyone here, thanks.
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    If you leave your "propensity to stir the pot while trying to look like you are not really doing so" at the door, I will leave my "grudge" at the door. If you are too obtuse to judge where the line is, perhaps you should adopt a much more conservative approach when deciding where the line is. My "grudge" is based on nothing more than that.

    Do you accept my offer?
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    I don't think anyone said anything about the Df in this thread actually prior to bland.

    Personally it isn't a camera I would own. It was expensive and retro isn't for me since I never shot film. I however don't think it is a bad performing body. I always like bland's pictures and I know he shoots his a lot. There was another thread about the df being dead that I assume had more comments related directly to liking or not liking the Df. The op here never even said why they cared how many were made or whatever their purpose of this thread was.

    I will say I hate typing forum posts on my phone and auto correct that changes df to Dr :-)
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    The title of this thread is 'Nikon Df - Sales and production numbers'. I think that question has been answered - nobody knows for sure but some decent guesses made. As the positive contributions have stopped and the discussion has gone off topic/degenerating into squabbles, I take it we are done with it.
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