Who uses all the options in Flash modes

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How many members actually use all the different modes of flash options available on your camera including Flash compensation, or do you just leave it on default setting Front Curtain setting. Do we actually understand all the various capabilities the flash can use, { and there are many} Do we read the manual? Do we know the limitations of the camera flash compared to optional flash guns when different lenses are fitted. Are we using the full capability of this incredible feature.
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    Do I use all the different modes of flash options No, not all of them
    But I do use compensation a lot
    Yes. I read the manuals and if working away take them with me. I have found Simon Stafford's Nikon AF Speedlight Flash System Magic Lantern Guide much better. (There are now probably better and more up to date books available)
    Do I actually understand all the various capabilities? Most but, probably, not all
    Do I know the limitations of the camera flash, compared to optional flash guns when different lenses are fitted?
    I think so

    Thanks to dynamic range of the D800 and the brush in LR I find use fill in flash less often these days

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    Have I used all the modes? Yes, when I was learning how to use the flash.

    Do I use all the modes when I am out taking pictures? No.
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    Since I don't use my flash much off the top of my head I couldn't say what the different modes do. Of course that would be an instance of when I might actually use the question mark button on my D5200. I have in the past toyed around with the different modes, but most of the time I just use it in the standard one and as a bounce. I VERY rarely use my built in flash...it just never really cuts it.
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    No I don't, I sometimes use it with macro- the built in flash actually clears the 105mm macro, with the D40 and the D7000 surprisingly.

    Sometimes I use it for backlit subjects, but other than that, I rarely use it. I have considered getting a SB-700 for experimentation, but I haven't had the money for that yet.
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    I am in the same situation as Sevencrossing regarding how I use my flash. And I do really read the manual and after 3 to 6 months might reread a section to reinforce how to use a particular function.
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    Personally I tend not use all the modes of the flash facility, In fact with modern cameras I find I use less flash at all. The exception is when using the camera for macro work, then I tend to use the flash as a master flash allowing light to come on to the subject away from camera.
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    This is funny as I have an SB-800 and a clone which seems to work as a slave. Modes....???? I rarely use flash so I have no idea except that TTL means through the lens and that is what it is set at. OK, maybe I do reduce power in some situations, but, as uneducated as it is, I usually play with the buttons until it works, then go with it...

    On my cameras, I try a bit harder....
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    I have used all the modes for flash, but rarely use anything other than front curtain sync. Rear curtain sync can create interesting looks to some images, to give the impression of movement, but that isn't something I need very often. I don't use flash exposure compensation often, since I do not use the built in flash very often, and it's easier to use the buttons on a flash head to change those settings anyway. One button push, vs button push and turning of dials.

    The most common use for the built in flash, at least for me, is commander mode, for when my two external flashes need to be used away from the camera body. Otherwise I simply find the built in flash creates too harsh a light, or too weak a light for anything else. For portraits the built in flash is terrible, even for fill light, it creates far too much redeye, even in redeye reduction mode.
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    with speedlights I have used TTL and TLL-BL with flash exposure comp on the camera/flash or transmitter (phottix odin). on the Sb-800 and sb-910 i set them as slaves/commanders/etc etc but I never used all of the bells and whistles of either speedlight.

    I recently changed lighting setup. I am now doing flash in Manual mode. While it can do HSS and not ttl- I end up mostly using the wheel or remote to adjust the power level. Simple and easy to do. I do mute and unmute the beep as needed. Other than that I just adjust the power levels.
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    Golly, I just tried manual so I could reduce power to 1/8 for some macro shots.., maybe I use more than I think... ;)
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