What did you learn from the Super Bowl Commercials?

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Many of us may have watched the Super Bowl. As one of the highest priced setting for commercials, one would expect a lot of great stuff. I liked the HDR effect in the Dodge RAM commercial with Paul Harvey. There were some commercials I thought maybe were less good.

The compositions in some of the shots was very well done as well.

So, didi anyone get ideas, motivations, or whatever from the commercials?
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    "Not to eat that many refried beans before kickoff..."

    Actually, stuck in Canada, we don't get the vast majority of Super Bowl commercials, even on American channels (google "simultaneous substitution" for the evil details, it's offensive).

    Everyone says "oh they've been on the web for a week" but I can't find them all in one place, and don't want to spend my time on a bit of a wild goose chase. Anyone know if they're mostly all at one site?
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    People still watch commercials...???
    If I take a good photo it's not my camera's fault.
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    They had some good ones, and some that just sucked. I thing that I paid more attention to really was the game and the side lines with all the photographer and their gear. :P
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    In my opinion, from a purely photographic standpoint I also think the Dodge commercial with Paul Harvey's "...God made a Farmer" soliloquy was the absolute best. The photos were pure genius.

    After the Go Daddy spot with the hot blonde sucking face with the nerdy kid I told my 10year old girls if they ever did that somebody's gonna get hurt. I'm a dad....it's my job to say stuff like that.
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  • blandbland Posts: 812Member
    I don't know about the commercials but I learned by Mark Rebilas shot yesterday to always pay attention! LOL


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    @ Rx4Photo....yes, I loved the Dodge Ram commercial...

    @ Bland...great find..thanks
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    I can't say that I just learned it, because I already knew that......"Go Daddy.com" is an idiot company, catering to an idiot market, and hiring idiot PR outfits to make their idiot commercials.
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    Didn't a certain father/son chopper company do a bike for them? 8-|
    Always learning.
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    @ Gitzo

    Yes, I agree fully about the ads. But, Danica can drive a race car as well as anyone out there....she is awesome!
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  • YetibuddhaYetibuddha Posts: 388Member
    Dodge Ram commercial shot in eastern Montana by a Montana photographer! Probably the most emotive commercial of the program.
  • donaldejosedonaldejose Posts: 3,691Member
    However, the overwhelming choice of farmers is either the Ford or Chevy pickup, not the Dodge pickup. If farmers are so great and so wise then Dodge pickups suck because farmers don't chose them. I suspect most farmers select a pickup, in part, based upon what dealership is in the town near them for service.
  • kyoshinikonkyoshinikon Posts: 411Member
    Budwiser had a goo ad... Go daddy didn't... Same as last year.
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    But, Danica can drive a race car as well as anyone out there....she is awesome!
    That is so true! Plus, she doesn't go around combing her hair constantly like the new batch of male NASCAR drivers as they await for someone to take a picture of their coolness (ref McCloud and Kookie lol). She's a natural, behind the wheel or in front of the camera.

  • BabaGanoushBabaGanoush Posts: 252Member
    re: D.P. drives like a girl. I'm not a race car fan--never will be--but 1 victory in 183 career races so far doesn't sound very impressive to me.

    There was a SuperBowl? My wife took me (!) to the zoo to avoid the game, but unfortunately my favorite zoo athletes, the siamang gibbons, were nowhere to be found that day.
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    If someboody is interested in some background to the Ram commercial:

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    @ BabaGanoush

    While this is not a race car forum, one must understand the politics of professional car racing and how it is orchestrated. The number of victories has little correlation with a drivers ability except that poor drivers do not get anywhere. Danica is discriminated against on the race course, in part as "condition" of her contractual arrangement in NASCAR. At the road race I was watching, on close circuit, she was bumped off the track on purpose while in second place and going for first. Her value to NASCAR is much greater if she is the "underdog.". And, she is I believe one of the highest earning drivers at present, as she moves up with endorsements. No doubt somewhere close to $20,000,000 this year.
    Montoya, as good as any driver out there...not many wins either. Although many do not want to hear this, NASCAR is very political, this information coming from some very important folks I know right here in the middle of NASCAR territory.

    And, to obtain press credentials for NASCAR is more difficult than top security for photographing the President. ;))

    Oh, "drives like a girl" is an ill advised comment where one of the mods is one....who used to ride a 200 mph motorcycle. :-)
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