Tough question...anyone have experience trying to replace SWM on 28-70/2.8??

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I got killer, killer deal on this lens with box and case. In fact, this will be my second lens of same model. My current works well.

Just looking to pocket a little cash to go towards either a TC for my 70-200 or put cash towards saving for 14-24mm (after selling 16-35 also)

The non-working lens costs $225 shipped, 8.5/10 condition. I found used working SWM on ebay for $200 shipped.

Please no negative responses. I can repair PS3 motherboards, cellphones, and I actually changed out motor and VR unit on 105VR few yrs back.
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    Sounds like a great project and I wish you the very best.
    Msmoto, mod
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    Well not to press, Msmoto, but would you tackle this project (if you were in my shoes) given probability of easy fix was 75-80%? ...That;s $425 total, should this fix item perfectly.

    At worst, AF motor can be returned if I start hitting issues with a stubborn mount, ribbon(s), cable(s), etc. Then I'll have $225 28-70/2.8 MF lens. Haha.

    Happy Mother's Day, in advance
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    Maybe you should have pulled it apart before ordering the SWM..I buy lenses with fungus so I know where you are comming from ...
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    I'm not sure how easy it is to replace a SWM, but I think Nikon stopped selling replacement parts in general to official Nikon repair shops so parts may be hard to come by for you.
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    Great suggestions. No, buyer was super accurate (and also adding that he stated a flex cable may need replacement. I found several SWM motors, bought one for $199 (stole it @ price) and can return it if unused. A no-lose situation. This is what I found.

    The focus ring is smooth but the (travel/play) does not allow the distance scale to go from Infinity (far right) to far left (can't see numbers). My D800 meters, I can change all F-stops in Aperture mode), and lens WILL autofocus with ANY PATTERN of AF points (very few to 51 AF points) -- AS LONG AS I manually defocus subject and allow lens to AF to that object. Object can't be any farther away/longer away that, obviously, is needed for focus rings to nail focus. I'd love to rack both of the brains of above commentors some more on Private Message in next few days. Please respond if you can....good things can back to great people who help others. Take care
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    As it will autofocus it sounds like the motor is ok and that leaves the most common problem the ribbon cable ..usually available on ebay
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    The SWM in the 28-70 is the same one as in the 70-200 VR1

    So it is still available with no issues.....
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    It and it is not the easiest task. I know nikon wont make certain repairs on it (i have owned 2 sold one dropped the other lol)

    Block out a good 6 hours if you want to try it. On ebay the parts shouldnt be that hard to come by.
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    Well, should have listened to most sensible advice and left this to experts. I screwed up most parts simply trying to disassemble. The screws are ungodly tight (locktite I'm guessing) and the diagram I used was not as user-friendly as needed. Zoom lenses are VERY VERY VERY complex!!!!!

    A prime lens -- > completely different animal. So my advice, stay away from self-repair unless you can afford to lose several hundred dollars. Lesson learned
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    Most lens screws are a Japanese standard, JIS, not phillips. You can order new screws if that's the only thing you "screwed" up.
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    @birdman: Are you going to send it off to Nikon now?
    Always learning.
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