Nikon D3 lcd display problem

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My D3 has an issue which is a bit hard to describe, but lcd is showing some kind of 'distorted' image preview. But if the picture is transfered to pc everything is ok. Tried to reset all setting to defaults, but in vain... Not sure if this is software or mechanical issue. Please see pics and maybe someone had same issue?
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    Dont know what you mean .. can you tell us what you mean by distorted ..?
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  • HugatreeHugatree Posts: 3Member
    Hi, thanks for your response!
    regarding the first picture with the journal - can you see some kind of red-ish patches in the background? as in the second - the orange vertical bar is the lamp - you can see different colors, look like graduated color tones.
    In both pictures objects should be in plain color and now in lcd preview it seems like being 'posterized' (similar effect like in PS6 adjustments..)..
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    I'm going to hazard and guess and say that the LCD is starting to fail. Replacement might be the only option.
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    We're guessing of course - can you send it in to your Nikon repair centre for report?
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  • HugatreeHugatree Posts: 3Member
    Looks like that is the only option, will take camera there this week. If the answer will be clear I will update here
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