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My 105mm Nikon macro lens seems to have a focusing issue. I focus on eyes and the hair get sharper than the eye. How can i calibrate it? Ive seen several videos on youtube, and im wondering is there a reliable way to do the calibration on my own?


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    What body do you have @zoran?
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    To check the back- or front-focus you can just point and focus the camera to a ruler. Use a tripod if you have one and use an angle of 20…30° to the ruler. If there's no need for AF micro-adjust the number you focused on should be sharp.

    If it's a modern body only D3x00 and D5x00 can't be micro-adjusted.
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    I use Focal to check my lenses. It is an easy straight forward method.

    Using a ruler will also work, but you have to be careful to set things up right.

    One thing to consider is that the actual focusing point may not match up exactly with the displayed (in the viewfinder) focus point. That can throw off critical pin point focus. You might want to experiment on exactly where to place the displayed focus point on the eye in order to get the actual focusing point to line up.

    It can be a pain especially at the wider apertures.

    If you have live-view, perhaps you can do a comparison?

    Good luck with it. Trying to pinpoint focus on something small can be difficult with autofocus cameras.
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    which lense is it that you have exactly.
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    which lense is it that you have exactly.
    The op said the 105mm macro, so I'm assuming it would be the 105mm F2.8G VR (since the OP asked about buying one a short time ago).
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    A generic answer, i.e., AF Fine Tune, has been given. However, if this is not available in the body used, one can quickly figure out where to focus so as to get the desired item in focus. If back focusing, the true focal point being behind the apparent focal point, then focus on eyebrows and eyelashes might be in focus. With long shots, this may be more difficult as there may not be a focal point in front of what is desired focal plane.

    If the equipment is new, and the problem is large, maybe Nikon could repair the combination.

    Has anyone tired shimming the mount? This might work in extreme back focus problems. But, this is a question only, not a suggestion at all.
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    I would have thought a repair centre would correct it at a fundamental level so the body works with all lenses.
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