Water fell over D810, now is dry but there is rice inside?



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    place in sun,
    If you live in the UK and the accident happens in winter, you could be in for long weight

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    @Ironheart that does give me a lot of peace in my heart. I didn't know it was sealed from the inside. Anyways I sent it today to the Nikon repair center here in Switzerland where I live. So they will clean it and make sure nothing is damaged by the water.

    @heartyfisher I know! I wish I knew that before I initially freaked out and put it directly in the rice. In that moment I was not really thinking, I was just trying to figure out ways to make it dry, and quick. But now I know.

    For anyone out there in the world who is struggling with camera-water accidents: The rice method could be effective but always use a cloth or something to wrap it before you put it in the rice :D.
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    I love the humor we see on NRF.....
    Msmoto, mod
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    Water fell over my D810 last friday. I left it the whole weekend soak in rice, yesterday it was working fine again with all functions as normal. I did try to turn it on and off before but it was not communicating right with the lens and displaying the "ERR". But now it seems to be fine, since its taking and saving photos as if nothing happened.

    However there is rice inside the camera now. Advices? Does anybody know if rice inside the body affects the camera at all? Or if someone has experience this before, how much does it cost (approximately) to send it for a clean up to Nikon?
    Don't you have a professional camera dealership nearby? They could clean the body out thoroughly and clean the sensor in one go too! I'm lucky here in the Netherlands to have a professional 1,5 hours drive from my home who cleans sensors and such for a living. The fellow worked in the chip manufacturing business for Philips in the past, so knows his way around dust-free environments!
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