Steve McCurry's Assistant Busted In $654,358 Afghan Girl Art Theft

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Came a crossed this news about my favorite photographer in the news recently this past week. Glad that they caught her:


  • NSXTypeRNSXTypeR Posts: 2,203Member
    Stupid knows no bounds. Pieces of art this rare is hard to sell, especially when you have something this valuable and super well known.
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  • kanuckkanuck Posts: 1,300Member
    Totally, only the most successful National Geographic cover of all time and one of the most iconic image of the past 40 years. Greed also knows no bounds I'd say.
  • kenadamskenadams Posts: 222Member
    The way I read it this article, she stole prints, right? So it's not like she was trying to sell the original negative.

    Still, pretty stupid.
  • kanuckkanuck Posts: 1,300Member
    Yes, but I think they were original prints though because of the high value of each individual sale. For example, 1 sale for 50~60k. That's going to garner some attention pretty quick I'd imagine.
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