Nikon Warranty in the UK

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In the Uk Nikon only give a 1 year warranty, If you register your camera within 1 month you get an extra 2nd year warranty. This warranty only applies to the original owner and is not transferable. However Nikon Uk are now offering a third year warranty coupled with Domestic and General Insurance Company. The warranty also covers accidental damage insurance world wide and because it is an insurance policy it is transferable to a second owner.
I took the policy out on my pro camera bodies not just for the accidental cover, but though it would help the value of the camera if I sold them in the 3 year period.
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    Would need to know the premiums.....professional use ??? what about lenses?? Maybe ok for one camera but when you got all the junk I got I am not sure it would be a good solution
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    I have never been impressed with extended warranties
    there are inevitably too many clauses that allow the insurer not to pay out
    "water ingress" is a favorite
    can you prove your camera never got damp, mildly moist, splashed or caught in a light shower
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    Whether it's manufactures or Insurance companies, whenever you have to make a claim it is never easy. Stock answer is "User Abuse" Not covered by warranty /claim. From personal experience if you make enough noise they settle. This may entail threatening them with court action under the Sale of Goods Act, but very few manufactures /Insurance companies would let it get that far.On two separate occasions I have been days away from going to court when suddenly I am given a customer good will treatment. and the problem is resolved.
    Mind you I do read the policies and warranties, and if I am not sure about a wording I have it clarified in writing so there are no grey area's.
    They are happy to take your money so I am resolved that they stand by their warranties.
    Camera, Lens and Tripod and a few other Bits
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    My experience companies such as Nikon do value customer good will, but extended warranty insurance companies will look for any excuse

    That said, in 50 years I have never had any problems with Nikon gear in the first place
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    In a similar time span I had reason to Battle with Nikon on a 24-70 lens,this was over six years ago and happy to report that in more recent times Nikon Uk have been a lot more helpful and our relationship is currently friendly, This Insurance warranty is sanctioned by Nikon Uk so there is a strong connection between companies.
    It does state on the policies I have two, D4 and D810 Body only, all uses including Pro use, world wide and transferable, the last point being the reason I took the policies out.
    Camera, Lens and Tripod and a few other Bits
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    as a % of the value of the equipment what was the cost of the cover ?
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    I 'll let you do the sums D4 £240 00 D4 cost £4200 00

    D810 £156 00 D810 Cost £2050 00

    Accidental cover is for the whole 3 years on each camera
    In the Uk 2 years warranty Nikon and third year Domestic and General
    You also have the option to continue the policy after 3 years. Cost unknown yet.
    Nikon at one time did not offer any extended warranties for Professional cameras, so this is a relatively new Nikon Policy.
    If you look at the Nikon Uk website there is no information on extended warranties, It would seem this is only offered after you have bought the camera from an official source.
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    Camera, Lens and Tripod and a few other Bits
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