Nikon AF-S Motor Replacement

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I did a search and found a similar topic on the old forum, but not the newer forum so.... Anyone had any experiences shelling out for replacing the AF-S motor on a lens such as the 17-35mm or any of the 70-200 or 80-200mm lenses? I am looking at fixing up a 24-70mm lens that was given to me for parts, but I see that the front and rear elements are fine as is the barrel and flanges. Clearly the motor is gone, but I can get this replaced here in Seoul by Nikon for $300-$400. However, I am wondering about any future problems that this lens sustained and if really a motor replacement would be enough. Again, this lens was simply given to me by a Korean friend of mine who works in the news agency at the Korean times...


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    Could always send it in and ask for a quote before they repair it. I know they will make it good as new besides just replacing the motor...they would go through everything and make sure it is back to spec. My concern would be cost, but if you already have the lens and want it then it would probably be cheaper if there aren't any other serious issues.
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    The price sounds about right an AF-S motor repair. Nikon can totally refurbish the lens to like new condition if you are willing to pay them for it, just be prepared to pay a hefty price for it.

    I had Nikon repair a AF-S 300mm F4D and that cost around $400. The good news is that Nikon gives a 1 year warranty on any repairs, so if something does go wrong within that time at least you are covered.
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    Thanks guys that is good information to know. I have only used the Nikon service center here for minor repairs so far such as replacing a dented ring, lens/body calibration, or a wet sensor clean. The only type of service I would not touch is complete element swapping I think because this involves the most costly kind of repairs I would imagine. A new motor is pretty pricey too, but again this 24-70 was literally just given to me as the previous owner gave up on it.
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    These are the third-party repair center folks that perform miracle repairs even nikon won't touch:
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    Oh yes I remember these guys. Nikon rumors did a story on their work last year I think it was? They are famous for their paint jobs (camouflage etc) and restoring beat up beyond recognition nikkors to their original forms. Nice to have the link to their site thanks! :D
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