Outdoor Photography Magazine Bankrupt and Being Sold

kanuckkanuck Posts: 1,300Member
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This news saddens me as it was my favorite photography publication for years right up there with National Geographic almost in terms of quality images and stories. It has been sold, but nobody knows if it will survive or not. Their staff members have not been paid this year at all and cheques are bouncing with regularity. Looks like the internet has claimed another once proud photography institution...



  • ThomasHortonThomasHorton Posts: 323Member
    It must be hard to maintain a hardcopy magazine on any topic these days.

    Advertisers are not going to invest in a medium that fewer and fewer people are using.
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  • spraynprayspraynpray Posts: 6,290Moderator
    I think the fast paced change of photography gear makes photography an unsuitable subject for printed copy these days.
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  • kanuckkanuck Posts: 1,300Member
    Yes I agree. I guess I just didn't know how bad the situation really was. I hope the magazine will continue on now that it has been sold although I can understand why print media struggles so much now. Outdoor Photographer always had a wonderful website as well loaded with information, reviews and of course great photos....
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