Quality issue with Nikkor 105mm f2.8?

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Hello all,
So, I will start by saying my lens is taking incredible macro shots, I'm really pleased with its performance. I've had this lens for about 6 months and recently noticed an odd noise coming from the lens when handling it. It seems like the elements closest to the camera side are loose/bumbling around. If I hold the lens vertically long and gently shake my hand, the elements bobble back and forth. Despite not noticing this before, I wondered if this is normal (I'm thinking not). Can any other owners out there validate that theirs does or does not have some give in it?

If not, it needs servicing and that is where I have an issue. I bought it brand new on Amazon, but, immediately put the empty box into storage not noticing the warranty card which states you have to register within 10 days. Really??? Does this mean I have no warranty simply because I didn't register it? Like I said earlier, it works fine, but, if this is an issue, I'd like to get it serviced while within warranty period. Any advice on this would be great.

Cheers and have a great day!


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