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Hi all. I am very new in photography, and getting slowing the craze with my new nikon d3300
I was wondering, how worth it is the battery holder/grip?
I read in forum, that it is great for the grip. Is that all? Why not going for an extra battery instead?
Thanks all for your reply


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    Hi Bigknick, welcome to NR. The best thing is to use your camera enough that you know whether battery capacity is a problem for you. If it is, you can choose between carrying a spare battery in your bag and using the money you save on better lenses, or if your hands struggle to hold the smaller body on the D3300, you could buy the grip. It really is that simple.
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    Well spraynpray I dont even own a "bag" so if I carry a spare battery its in a grip......(ha ha )
    You can get a grip and two batteries for £36 or $50 on e bay and it gives you a much better hold on the camera and makes it look more pro......I have one on my D3200 as I feel the battery capacity is a bit small should I have to use it in anger ( its my spare )
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    Well that's cool for you in your line of 'run and gun' work Pistnbroke, but a more general photographer (like me) may find the camera becomes to big for the bag with a grip, or the movement in the joint between the grip and body may undermine the support from a decent tripod so it may not always be that straight forward.
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    Perhaps we should open a thread on to bag or not to bag ...?? it would certainly be a pain to me to carry one though I do have a large safe in the car from which I remove the gear I can carry on a job.

    Grip ..I dont think Nikon do a grip for the D3300 so any of the cheap ebay ones will be fine..My 3200 has one intended for a D5200 fitted as they were not available for the D3200 when I purchased it...Personally I dont bother with the cable that activates the shutter button and always use the one on the camera
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