Problems with D800 SD card won't engage and multiselector button problems.

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Let me begin by saying that I am addicted to my D800. I am in the North Dakota Oil Patch and my job takes me all ofer. I drive with the camera in my lap, ever ready. The camera takes both CompactFlash and SD cards. Recently the SD card, which engages with a spring-like action, won't engage. Yesterday when I was at home, reviewing the day's photos photos, the "multi selector" button wouldn't work and at the same time the "main command dial" wouldn't let me scroll to the next photo enlarged. Today the latter problem is not in evidence. I was happy to read elsewhere that Nikon is quick with its turn-around, but has anyone else had these problems? Thanks.


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    I have heard of each on other bodies (very rarely and with other manufactures) but not specifically on the D800.
    Not sure on the SD but the command wheels, I keep messing something up myself that seems to knock one out. I just do a reset on the camera and it works. There are many combo buttons that you can use with the command dials there must be one that reverses them or turns one into commanding something else. Haven't figured that out yet though. A reset has always does the trick. I hope that is all it is with yours.
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    Not sure how to reset, but it's headed back. Withdrawal creeping in ... Thank you!
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    no such problems on my d800, maybe apart from the multi selector but it's due to putting the level to lock :)

    to reset the camera just turn off the power button to off and take the battery out. this should help. also You can check if You have some sand in the selector, command dial and sd slot as this can make them not working.
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    P 193 in manual.... I seem to be following today...LOL
    For resetting all the camera settings to default....with power on, hold the "Qual" and "+/-" buttons down together for about two seconds. This brings the settings back to the factory default and sometimes will solve problems which are due to our settings.
    Msmoto, mod
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