Help!!! D7200 can't change the shutter speed beyond 1/250 even in the M mode/

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Do I need to take the camera in? I must be putting it in the wrong setting
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    Post a photo with EXIF ... seems weird ..
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    This sounds like the maximum synch speed. Check your flash settings.
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    I had something similar happen with my D7100. I was partially stuck in a bracketing mode. The only thing that helped was to reset the camera to factory settings. I did this by holding the ISO button on the back off the camera and the {+/-} button by the shutter. The funny thing was it happened in the store where I bought it and three different people tried get it unstuck.
  • nukuEX2nukuEX2 Posts: 178Member
    This sounds like the maximum synch speed. Check your flash settings.
    What would be the default setting?
    D7200, 40mm Micro Nikkor f2.8, Lowepro AW Hatchback 16,
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    FP 1/320 should be your setting for the flash in the menu ..this stands for flash programme and will allow it to sync at any speed if the flash is compatible ( all but SB400) this is not the same as the flash sync speed which should be 1/60

    ie in dark conditions with flash it will run at 1/60 ..if you leave your flash on outside (by mistake?) it will still sync at say 1/2000 and you wont get a blown out picture. been there done that ...
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    Do a two button reset then look again.
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    I did get the shutter to unlocked, Thanks guys. :)
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    D7200, 40mm Micro Nikkor f2.8, Lowepro AW Hatchback 16,
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    Did the two button reset help?
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    I've had some weird things happen before to me in the past when I forgot that I set the remote timer on the D7000 and left it there. It's because I've set it to fire 2 photos after 10 second timers. It's the cheapo version of the remote shutter trigger haha.

    I thought for a second that my camera had a mind of its own...
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    The D7200 never ever go beyond 1/250 with flash activated because 1/250 is the maximum sync speed. Turn off your flash and the problem will go away. If you have a hot-shoe flash you can set it in manual and go beyond 1/250 bit your photos will have dark stripes at top or bottom from the shutter.
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