Diving LED Lights for J4/WP-N3 Dive Combo

Spy_BlackSpy_Black Posts: 79Member
edited September 2015 in Nikon 1
Hi folks, has anyone gone diving with the J4/WP-N3 setup? If so what are you using for lighting? Looking around ebay, I found one particular light that appears decent here:

A cheaper, lower output unit, albeit without mount, is here:

Anyway, if anyone's gone diving with the J4/WP-N3 setup, let me know how it's been and what you've used for lights. Thanks


  • DaveyJDaveyJ Posts: 1,090Member
    We are using UW lighting and do not use it on the AW 1. Most of the added lighting is being used with about 1/2 dozen Go Pro Set ups. Somewhere on Nikon Rumors there is a thread about that. Sorry I cannot provide more data right now. We are trying to set a lake elevation we are building and there is quite a bit of disagreement over surveying bench marks......
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