Nikon CNX2 Functions Differently in Win and Mac versions

I have been using Nikon CNX2 on my Win 7 machine which uses an i7 quad core processor and 8GB RAM with great results, but after I installed the Mac version on my Mac Mini OS 10.10.5 which uses a i5 dual core processor and 4GB RAM Nikon CNX2 now behaves quite differently.

In Windows 7 I am able to do edits in either the develop or adjustment categories interchangeably without issue until I got the desired results. With the Mac version all adjustments that have been made in the adjust category are ghosted over and temporarily do not appear in the image if any subsequent edits are made in the development section. Also if there are several edits which have been done in the adjustment section an edit to the first entry in that section will cause the entries below it to immediately become ghosted and non-functional.

I am still able to get great results using Nikon CNX2 for Mac, but it is very inconvenient to have to re-enable the edits done in the adjustment section each time a subsequent change is made in the development section.

I am hoping that the membership here will be able to give me some insight as to why this problem that I am having exists with the Mac version of Nikon CNX2 that I have never had with the Win version of CNX2.

Thanks; Maxx


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