D810 - WB deviation with Sigma Art lenses

Hi everyone,

I use mostly Nikkor lenses, so of course I have no white balance problem when switching from one to the next (be it primes or zooms). I also use a couple of Zeiss lenses (15/2.8 and 135/2) and those are "color-aligned" just like the Nikkors, no issue there either. However, I recently bought the 50/1.4 Art by Sigma, and to my surprise, it is significantly cooler ("bluer") than all my other lenses (it performs superbly well in all other respects).

I shoot only RAWs, so obviously it is something that I can and do adjust in post-, however I was wondering if it is something that can be corrected in-camera. If I could determine the right correction for most light situations and have the D810 apply it automatically when I mount the Sigma lens (and then changing back to "normal" when unmounting), it would be great.

Any ideas as to how to do this, if at all feasible on a lens-by-lens basis, will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!



  • IronheartIronheart Posts: 3,017Moderator
    White balance will never affect a RAW file, so even if you were able to do what you suggest (which you can't, BTW) it wouldn't have an affect on the RAW file, only the jpg that gets generated along with it.

    What you can do is modify the lens profile in whatever software you use for post to automatically warm it up.

    I've never heard of or seen this "problem" before. Anyone else with an ART lens notice this? It is certainly possible that the formula of the glass and whatever coatings are applied can have an effect on color cast, just strange that nobody else has mentioned it before...
  • Dominique_RDominique_R Posts: 27Member
    You are right of course regarding RAW files, I did not express myself well. What I see is that, when I open the RAW in Lightroom (which I use to develop RAWs before I go into Photoshop), pictures taken with the Sigma are significantly cooler.

    I'm not sure if I can post pictures here (don't see the option but I'm not very familiar with this forum), but if I could, I'd be happy to post two SOOC JPEGs of the same scene so you guys can see what I'm referring to. If you care to walk over to my Ipernity gallery, there's this photo (http://www.ipernity.com/doc/dominique.robert/39765114) taken with the Sigma, and that one (http://www.ipernity.com/doc/dominique.robert/39765116), taken with the Nikkor 24/1.4, twenty minutes later, same place, and no noticeable change in natural lighting. Both have been post-processed, but not for overall color cast. I don't do much post-processing anyway.

    Thanks in advance.

    Ironheart, thanks for your message, I have noted that what I was thinking about cannot be done in-camera. That's what I thought but as I'm not great in-depth reader of user manuals I thought I'd better double-check. I don't know how to teach Lightroom to automatically correct a color parameter for one given lens only (I'm originally a CameraRAW guy) but I'll look into it, thanks for the suggestion.
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