Lunar Eclipse captured with D810A

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A small gathering if Nikon and telescope aficionados for the lunar eclipse. A couple of new Nikon products were present: D810A and 200-500mm f/5.6E ED AF-S VR lens. The D810A is mine and the new lens belongs to a buddy. While I did attempt to shoot the cloud-covered eclipse with the D810A attached to the new lens, it was not the same level of quality as through the AP140 telescope. First image is with the D810A. Third image shows the D810A attached to AP140 (left) and a D800 attached to a Takahashi TSA-102 (right). Both were equipped with barlows for doubling the magnification.

Super Moon Lunar Eclipse
Larger view here of the Lunar Eclipse shot:

Ready for the Lunar Eclipse

Ready for the Lunar Eclipse

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