What Battery??

cincyspidercincyspider Posts: 24Member
Been looking for a spare battery for the D5500. Lots of brands, and have seen the discussion about some getting an error msg when used. What's a safe brand other than the actual Nikon name??


  • spraynprayspraynpray Posts: 6,089Moderator
    If you were shooting Canon, there is an advantage in shot count and charge cycles with non-oem batteries but as you have a Nikon, I would urge you to stay with them. However, if you want to, I would advise you to buy from a large reputable store such as Adorama or B&H so you have some chance if it packs in. Hahnel are good in Canons.
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  • Parke1953Parke1953 Posts: 455Member
    +1 spraynpray. cincyspider I have bought a few off brand batteries 3 or 4 years back and they lasted less than half the time on a charge. The Nikon batteries are really good (they are worth it IMO. You can find deals on them. As spraynpray says only buy from a reputable store because there are many fakes. Same goes for memory cards.
  • IronheartIronheart Posts: 3,017Moderator
    The $10 you save will be lost in anger and frustration when your off-brand poops out at exactly the wrong moment, or leaks/blows-up in your camera. Just IMNSHO.
  • BillktBillkt Posts: 6Member
    Do yourself a big favor and buy a Nikon battery. Generic is good for some things but not so good for others. Don't take the risk of your battery failing at the wrong time or even worse hurting your camera. You can save a little by buying the old Nikon EN EL14. It is listed on the Nikon website for the D5500. It has a little less power but is a genuine Nikon battery.
  • cincyspidercincyspider Posts: 24Member
    Nikon it is!! thanks all. Anyone ever have them on sale, or is it as controlled as the camera?
  • Parke1953Parke1953 Posts: 455Member
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    You can find them on sale sometimes. I picked up a EN-EL15 for $60. That's about 10 to 12 off. I think I found it at BestBuy when I was just browsing or check on line. Make sure you get it from a reputable store.
    Just looked at BestBuy and the EN-EL14a is on sale $44.99.
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  • Parke1953Parke1953 Posts: 455Member
    Also just looked at B&H $38.00.
  • cincyspidercincyspider Posts: 24Member
    Got it for the $38.00 as above! TYVM!
  • Parke1953Parke1953 Posts: 455Member
    Good going. You wont be sorry.
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