Lost infinity focus. Body or lens?

LareLare Posts: 46Member
Hi, gang, just came back from a week in SE Utah giving my money to the towns and National Parks. On my last day of shooting, my D7000 stopped auto focusing beyond 10 ft with my Nikon 18-300 lens.

My 12-28 Tokina continued working so I thought I had a lens problem to send to Nikon.

When I came home, though, I tested with a Nikon 18-200 lens and it exhibited the same issue. Auto focus works fine to about 10 feet but the distance scale won't ever go to infinity. Nikon 50mm prime works fine. (I can manually turn the focus ring with no problems, it's only an auto focus issue.)

I'm confused. I don't think it's the lens but two zooms have the same problem. But if it's the body, why do the Tokina and 50 prime work right?

Any thoughts as to what needs to go in?

I've tried a fully-charged battery, cleaning the lens contacts (body and lenses) and the two button reset. It does this in all PSAM and U modes.

I need more knowledge than I possess.


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