Dropped my D700; have a question about repair

Good Morning,
I dropped my D700 from about 4 ft and it landed on concrete. At first, there seemed to be no damage, other than a scuff mark. But later when I went to charge the battery, I could barely get it out of the compartment! It seems like the impact shifted the compartment {smooshed?} enough that makes the battery not fit properly.
Is this repairable? If so, I'm wondering how, as it is part of the body, so to speak.
Thanks so much!


  • spraynprayspraynpray Posts: 6,452Moderator
    The magnesium frames are parts just like any other and it will be repairable. If I were you, I would send it in for estimate as it may be cheaper to buy another used camera.
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  • rschnaiblerschnaible Posts: 308Member
    I agree, sending it back to Nikon is well worth it. I had a similar accident and sent the body and lens that was involved back and was very satisfied with the repair. Good as new.
  • MsmotoMsmoto Posts: 5,396Moderator
    If the camera is functioning properly, no issues with the focusing, shutter, etc., and it is possible to get the battery in and out, I might not have it repaired, but just use it as is. However, if there are problems with any aspect, especially shutter/focusing, I would send it in for an estimate to a Nikon repair facility.
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  • kanuckkanuck Posts: 1,300Member
    With the price of used D700 bodies (excellent camera by the way!) having dropped to the $700 to $800 range now it may be a better option as spraynpray suggests to buy another used model. The cost of a magnesium frame, alignment, labour and shipping will certainly cost half of the cost of a used body I would imagine. Not to mention that sometime down the road another undetected issue could surface as a result of the fall and cause you additional problems.
  • MsmotoMsmoto Posts: 5,396Moderator
    Another factor is the used and refurb D610, D800 bodies are getting cheaper....and a huge improvement ...a D610 is about $1150 refurb on Nikon's site.
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  • birdmanbirdman Posts: 115Member
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    KEH has competitive repair prices, no? There is a person on another site I visit who is selling -- or trying to- mint D700 with 80k on shutter, boxed, all OEM stuff, 2batteries, charger, dual 8gb CF cards -- $725. Poor girl disclosed minuscule rubber section of 1-2cm coming loose by Multicontroller thumb switch. went from $850 to 725 after 2 wks. Still for sale. That's when u either keep it or buy $5 Nikon repair rubber and refurb that tiny section yourself. Wish I had funds or need for it...maybe I will offer her $650. That's criminal.

    Roberts camera or Nat'l photo are best sites retailers IMO. Check daily if you decide to buy newer and keep that body, once fixed cheaply, hopefully, as a backup
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  • NSXTypeRNSXTypeR Posts: 2,232Member
    Another option would be to pick up a D750, whether refurbished or new, than to repair the D700.
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  • kanuckkanuck Posts: 1,300Member
    Unless of course he loves the D700, which I could completely understand. After all the years of cameras film and otherwise, the D700 still remains my favorite :D
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