Mirrorless APS-C Wishes

From the main blog it appears we may be seeing action not only on the FX mirrorless front, but also DX. Thought I'd kick in a few hopes/wishes/dreams.

Mount: okay so there's evidence of an 18-55mm kit lens. Sure hope there's a good F-mount adapter.

Body: please don't go the route of the the Nikon 1 or Coolpix A. Those D3x00, D5x00 and even D7x00 models pay the rent. Good handgrip, buttons you can feel without looking. Need a cutting edge eye-level viewfinder built in. Hot shoe for Speedlight compatibility.

Don't repeat Sony's mistake. Keep the higher-end screen UI. Eventually Sony trickled down their UI from awful to tolerable. Nikon has a decent UI, small changes here.

AF: use the experience from the Nikon 1 to make the best hybrid auto-focus system in the industry.

Rear Display - people will laugh if it doesn't have a flip-display at minimum.

I look for two possibilities. A D5500-like consumer model, and a mini-D750 like enthusiast model (D7200 with flippy display). Maybe a D400 after that. They can all be flatter, but hope not too much smaller because we're going to want to put good glass in front of it. Again, learn from Sony's research/mistakes - people want hand grips.

Over the next decade I will consider replacing F-mount glass with whatever they call the new mount - which is probably how long it'll take them to cover the essential range with kit zooms, then primes, then advanced zooms.

Come on Nikon, don't boof this pooch!
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  • moreorlessmoreorless Posts: 120Member
    The patent being F4.5 rather than F/5.6 at the long end is interesting, That does tend to suggest aiming somewhat upward in the market.

    Really though at present I would say with APSC the main reason for Nikon to go with a mirrorless mount would be to target the same market canon do with the EOS M in the far east. Why release a camera with the size/handling of their DSLR's when those cameras are still selling well? Theres a danger on the net of listening to just a small but vocal part of the market.

    If Nikon did release a higher end APSC I personally think they should take it a somewhat different route to their existing DSLR's. Push the boat out a bit and come up with a nice looking sleek modern design.

    With FF I could well see Nikon sticking with the F-mount as really the bigger size savings with FF come from removing the prism/AF sensor not reducing the flange distance and they could do that with a DSLR mount.
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