Flash compatibility with D810

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It seems to me that "all" flashguns will work fine with the D800 but not so with the D810.
A perfect gun for me is a SB400 style ,light ,close to the lens to minimise shaddows and works on an extension cable.
My other favourite because it does high speed sync is the Meike Mk 300/310/320..none of these will work with the 810.
Then I look at the taller ones ..the Nissin i40 and i466....both will work with the 800 but require "the latest software" to work with the 810 ...flash gun software that is ...Have written to Nissin but no answer as yet.
So has anyone used these guns ON A CABLE as some guns work in the shoe but not on a cable.
Can you recomend a gun ? Big tall and heavy is not an option, Both my Yongnuo guns work fine but are too big.
The SB 300 uses AAA and the SB500 has stupid complex on off switch and no high speed sync.

Nissin say I have to send the i40 (if I buy and it does not work) to Nissin UK to be upgraded with special tools.
well at least I got a reply.The latest stock comes direct from factory compatible.
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    I tend to stick with Nikon Flashguns, I use Pocket Wizards for distance so I don't have to worry about infra-red problems when using flash off camera. Having said that I seem to be using less flash these days.
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    Thanks paul but the only cable is from the camera to the flash flipper ..Non of the current Nikon guns are any use to me.
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    With all the troubles you are having, you might start to suspect your Yongnuo SC 28 cord. There are others on the interwebs complaining of compatibility using this cord, and it does seem to be discontinued. You might try the Nikon SC 28 just for grins.
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    I have three cables and if a gun is "cable sensitive" its with all three..I think its cable capacitance that affects the signals .
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    yeahbut, are they all Yongnuo? All I'm saying is try the "official" nikon one before giving up (you can return it if it doesn't work, right?) or you can borrow mine if you weren't across the pond ;)
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    I have two SB 400 that work fine (No hs sync) ..Interested in someone with a Nissin i 40 or i466 to see if its ok on a cable as its the nearest to what I want unless I missed something eg Metz,,in corespondence with Nissin no reply from Meike
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