Is anybody using JPGmini? What are your thoughts on it?

I have been delivering paid shoots via usb and for modeling or TFP I use dropbox since its only a handful of photos.
I decided to try it and I was given a trial of the PRO version from jpgmini so that I can use more than the default trial number. I was able to cut down the costs for a few events by ordering only 1 custom usb drive. From one model shoot it went from a 300mb to a 82mb folder uploaded to dropbox. Nasim at photography life has a nice article about it and like him I was unable to really tell a difference exporting from Lightroom as 300dpi and exporting via the plugin.

I did run the plugin twice and unless I had a different checkmark the same photo had a different size. One was mabye 5.8 mb and the same photo was then 6.4mb.

I sent over the files to my mentor and he used a imagechecker to compare and noted that the non JPGmini image was slightly sharper.

For web use I usually export with 72dpi and 1500 on the long edge making it much smaller for web use.

So what are your guys thoughts on this?
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