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Who has them? Do you like what you have? What do you recommend? A friend is looking at getting a camera, but wants something compact that takes decent pictures under $500.
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    My point and shoot under $500 is a D3300 with a 35mm DX lens. I'll admit it is a bit of a "gateway drug" ;)
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    I would say any version of the Sony RX100. Granted, I haven't shot that much with it, so the menu system is a little weird, and the controls are off but I'm super happy with mine. My cousin didn't want his anymore, he bought a Canon 6D so he sold it to me for $200. He gave me a good deal on it, and I was really happy with the purchase.

    The older ones are officially selling at around $500 brand new, but I'm sure they're available for cheaper.

    There's a certain freedom with shooting with a smaller camera that can't be had with a big DSLR, and it's fun to take photos of people without them noticing instantly.
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    If I were going that route I would get the new Nikon P900 with the uber zoom. Only $549 today.
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    I thought about suggesting the P900, but it is a little bit large. I gave my parents a P310 and it goes pretty good. I have found some pretty good "P" model Nikon point and shoots that look like good options.
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    I played with several Sony RX100 models before choosing the Fuji X30. Sony has a better sensor, but the user interface (typical for Sony), button placement and size on the RX100 cameras are simply terrible. I couldn't bring myself to buy one. The Fuji X30 is larger and doesn't do as well in low light, but it is much nice to work with.
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    I have a hand-me-down Sony RX100/ii along with the attachable viewfinder. When I attach the latter and put on a strap, it makes for a great walk-around, much lighter a load than my DSLR. 80% of the time I pocket it or drag it along in my man-bag where I would otherwise lack for a real camera. It also does a much better job than my Nikon for real-world video.

    Pros: great sensor, great lens, compact, excellent picture quality is possible, very good video.
    Cons: frustrating interface, slip-slidey body, tiny buttons.

    Every time I pick it up, I curse under my breath for about 10 minutes, as I warp my brain to remember how to use it. Miss a few shots, screw up the exposure, get something blurry. Then I start to remember how I set it up, what I put in the function button, how to do exposure compensation, to shoot in 'S' mode when in low light because its auto-iso is geared for its VR lens and static subjects. Once I'm used to it, it's an awesome tool. Great for light-pack on-the-go traveling.

    Then I get home, pick up my Nikon and everything just works intuitively and my hit ratio goes up, and the colors don't need as much post-correction, and I start to rationalize that the cases where I put a strap on the Sony I may as well bring the Nikon... and THEN I put on my 50mm prime and get the nice buttery look and I wonder....

    It's a little frustrating that the Nikon gear is so big heavy, because I really enjoy shooting with it. Hoping someday someone nails large sensor, mirrorless camera ergonomics.

    As for the original post, I'm not sure this helps, sorry. I think the RX100/iii fixed the auto-iso issues which is one of my biggest gripes but compact is an issue itself. If you want something better than a cell phone for image quality, the old compacts barely cut it, so you're looking at the 1" and greater sensor-sized cameras, and those get pricey as new. So look at what you can find refurbished or second hand.

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