D7000 video flicker problem

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Using D7000 for video, tested previously had no problem, then... Video flickers showing nearly solid colour screens of red, purple, black, etc, for a frame or two, then resumes normal recording. If anyone knows what would cause this I'd love to know. The longer I was using the camera, the worse it got, and the faster it happened after starting "rec."
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  • Problem solved - the camera had a vertical grip attached, not the Nikon brand one, but a third-party Chinese grip you can get on Ebay for about $40. There are a lot of them with different brand names on them, and now that I look at it, this one doesn't even have a manufacturer's name on the grip or box! You can see an image of the box I have at http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/NTMzWDgwMA==/z/5dgAAOSwiwVWQ9Ya/$_27.JPG

    Anyway, it was causing the video malfunction, as well as some other malfunctions in some specific modes (scene mainly). User 1 and 2 had some mild effects. Oddly it worked fine in A, S, M and P.
    Removed the batteries from the grip and everything is fine. Interestingly, the vertical shutter release button still works with the grip empty.
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    Glad to hear you sorted the problem culturalproduct. Third party accessories are a gamble these days.
    Always learning.
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