Anyone tested out the new Tamron 35mm f1.8 VC

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I've been thinking about getting the Tamron 35mm 1.8.
Before I do make a purchase I'm just wondering if anyone have one or has used/tested one.
It's a very hard choice as there are also a Nikon 35 1.8 and the Sigma art.
I live in New Zealand and the price to get a Tamron is basically the same as the 35mm 1.8 and sigma being roughly $100 more.

If anyone has tested it could you please give me some insight on how it performs against the Nikon and Sigma or either one.

At the moment theres still not enough information in the web regarding the Tamron 35mm.

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    I did a casual comparison between the Sigma, Tamron, and Nikon 35 1.8 DX (sorry not the FX version) on my D7100 a while ago.

    The Sigma was the sharpest overall, particularly at the faster apertures. However, the VR on the Tamron worked well and more than made up for the 2/3 stop difference when hand holding at slow shutter speed situations. The Nikon DX was outclassed by both (although the FX version is much better).

    The Sigma seemed to have inconsistent focusing in low light situations. The Tamron also had some trouble, particularly at close range, needing as much as +15 fine tune up close, but 0 at long distances. It could have just been my copy though. The 1:2 'macro' on the Tamron was also nice.

    The Sigma is the heaviest, a bit unbalanced on D7100, and kind of feels like carrying a brick around. Tamron is a bit lighter and better balanced. Nikon is super light-weight and a pleasure to carry around.

    The Sigma was the most aesthetically pleasing to hold and use (if that's important to you), like a precision instrument. The Tamron is shorter and fatter with a more bulbous looking appearance that didn't feel as classy. The Nikon (both the FX and DX versions) are typical Nikon.

    Overall, I'd say if absolute image quality is your priority, and/or you'll be in the studio, on a tripod, or in situations with decent lighting, go with the Sigma.

    For handheld low light go with the Tamron.

    For maximum portability go with the Nikon (FX or DX).

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