WiFi Connection on SD Card

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I was wondering what the forum thinks of EyeFi cards or the new Toshiba FlashAir cards?

The Toshiba ones just came out.


Toshiba just came out of them, looks like you just sign into the WiFi signal that the SD card broadcasts and download photos as needed. This is one of the features I'd like to gain on my camera that I'm not willing to pay $150 or so for a WiFi dongle for or buy a completely new camera (D500) for.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with either of these cards, as there are so many of them it's hard to figure out what's what.

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    When I gave my youngest (13 year) daughter my old D5100 I knew she'd be very happy if she could access the photos straight away from her phone, so I got her an EyeFi card, we tested it at home and then a few days later drove to our zoo. She was really happy with it there and then, but I can't say I've seen her using it very much after that first trip. The .jpgs from the D5100 were manageable over wifi, but for me at full day at a Zoo, I'd fill up my phone if all photos were transferred :-)
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    i got the eyefi card when 16gb was ~100... so that was a different time.
    while i enjoyed it for a little bit, on the d800, the file size limitation started to take its toll, recording jpeg onto the eyefi, and raw onto the cf ( since i was not, and still am not invested in cf cards)
    when i used it, it worked well.
    i remain content removing cards at home and viewing the raws on a desktop.
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    I loved the idea, but the reality was a lot slower. I don't know if they have got faster lately, 'ok' for smaller jpegs I'd say.
    Always learning.
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