D5200 - back and top buttons stopped working

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After shooting some pictures today I wanted to review them but when pressing the review button my camera was automatically cycling through my pictures (as if the left key on the multiselector was sticking). This idea was reinforced by the focus point in the viewfinder moving all the way to the left automatically. I tried turning the camera on and off a few times but the problem did not resolve (and possibly even got worse; every key associated with the multiselector does not work anymore!) Other keys that do not work with the multiselector but with the wheel key (like the exposure compensation and the Fn key) are working fine. Picture taking is, while limited, fine too. I tried doing a factory reset but it does not work. No response at all. Also tried taking battery out, remove lens and remove memory card but no luck. Seems like it is some kind of a hardware related problem. Anyone has any experience with this? I just read a thread here were a guy had his camera replaced because of the same problem. My camera has just got out of warranty so I hope I don't have to go to the shop :(

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    I would say your options are very limited. I would recommend it going back to your Nikon Repair Centre - ours is excellent here in the UK, but I sense you are a Kiwi and I don't know the score there regarding Nikon repairs.
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    Thanks for your reply. I'm from Holland but travel in New zealand for a year. Do you have any idea what hardware part may need replacement? I wonder if I can buy it an replace it myself.
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    If you are not faint at heart buttons can be replaced. Thing is, it could be the circuit board the chips are attached to, which would be a bigger job. Parts, depending on where you are, can often be found on eBay, but it tends to be a real pain to do it yourself. Just watch some videos on such repairs on Youtube and you'll get what I mean. Usually it requires dismantling half the camera.
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    Ok I'm going to watch those. Thanks for your reply. Well appreciated.
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