jpegs from RAW when using D800 set at RAW+jpeg split to SD&CF..

I would like to loads jpgs of my RAW images separately into 'Photos"

No Problem - you say!

Yes Problem - I reply.

My CF card has the jpgs on it; so download to 'Photos'. Great.

SD card with RAW images download to file for Bridge and CS5 - Problem!

All thumbnails/previews now come from the cameras jpegs....??

How do I download the RAW files and get thumbnails/previews made by CS5/Bridge from the RAW files not the cameras mono, intense, old style etc.. jpeg output??

This is new to me as never wanted to use camera jpegs until now - special project.

Thank you



  • IronheartIronheart Posts: 3,017Moderator
    You are hosed, I mean "it's a feature". The tiny "thumbnail/preview" JPEG is imbedded in the RAW file by the camera, not "generated" by Adobe. The tiny imbedded JPEG is created with the same picture controls you specify for the "real" JPEG.

    One thing to try is to "develop" a new JPEG in LR and see if it overrides (maybe) or overwrites (unlikely) the imbedded JPEG. Otherwise you are looking at some deeper hackery to try and manipulate the RAW file in some way before you import it.

    I'd rather spend the time shooting. Why is this a problem?
  • sharkeysharkey Posts: 12Member
    Thank you Lionheart.
    Only a problem insofar that it is want I want to do :D.
    My wife has decided she no longer wants all of my shots for herself - RAW+jpeg is now not needed (jpegs for her).
    So I thought a bit out of the box and decided to have the RAW file as my master on the desktop for future work and selected jpegs from the D800 on my travelling laptop just for fun and to add to any emails when out and about. The D800's jpegs are a bit special.
    I wonder if the mini jpeg can be separated from its mummy RAW file before import. Surely CS5 must be able to generate its own preview on import if the are none to nick from the camera.
    I realise I am missing out on the safety front by not backing up as I shoot or on the storage front by not just using overflow. But. I rarely (if ever) shoot that much in a session and no ones life depends on my images - so just a way of using the system creatively :-? :))

    Any other thoughts appreciated

  • sharkeysharkey Posts: 12Member
    Problem solved. Use default setting "Always high quality Thumbnails" set on Thumbnail Options - TRH corner of Bridge. Little square icon.
    So using the imbedded thumbnail is not the only option.


  • paulrpaulr Posts: 1,176Member
    Another Way. When in Bridge find the memory card under computer then DCIM then the file name of memory card Open and all your images should be there.
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