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Hi all, I'm new here and have a question.
I used to do photography professionally but retired 7 years ago. I'm about to upgrade my D3 to the D5 and will use it mostly with long primed for aviation photography.

My question is about what you would reccomend for software. I did my RAW processing in Capture NX but I understand Nikon have now ceased support for this and have now moved to Capture NX D. I have tried using NX D but frankly I find it very poor / poorly laid out.

Once processed I have then used Photoshop for the rest of the process.

Can someone give me some guidance on what the current thinking is on best workflow when shooting RAW.

Regards and hello



  • paulrpaulr Posts: 1,176Member
    Photoshop CC with Lightroom CC are still the Industry Standard. If your using an old Photoshop program definitely upgrade. The haze tool in PCC and LCC could possibly help you with long range shots.
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