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Christmas 2014 I got the wife a NIkon D3200 with the standard kit lens. She really like it at 1st. I then made a mistake and put my 17-35 AFS f/2.8 Lens on it during a trip to let her try a different lens on her camera. After that I noticed that she never used her camera that much and was using her iphone for taking pictures. This last Christmas she asked if she could use that lens again when a grandchild was over.

Looks like I've lost this lens to her D3200. She loves it and won't give it back. The AF speed keeping up with a 3 YO is no longer a problem. Her keeper rate has gone way up. Weight has always been an issue for her but she seems to overlook the weight for the better lens.

iphone loses to D3200 w/17-35 AFs f/2.8 B)

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