D750 firmware question -- where is 1.02 ?

berkeleyberkeley Posts: 3Member
I have a D750 with firmware 1.01. Just got around to looking at upgraded firmware, downloaded the 1.02 to 1.10 upgrade, but it won't install I'm guessing because I don't have 1.02 already installed.

My question -- where can I find firmware 1.02 ? Links from old posts are no longer functional, and I don't see 1.02 listed in the Nikon downloads for D750.



  • IronheartIronheart Posts: 3,017Moderator
    They are not upgrades, but complete replacements. You don't need 1.02. What error message are you getting?
  • berkeleyberkeley Posts: 3Member
    Thanks for responding. No error msgs. the dot bin file is loaded on the root directory of the xdsc card as directed.

    After going to Setup Menu-> Firmware version, the screen shows C 1.01, L 2.05. and "Done" in yellow at the bottom.

    No option to install the firmware and nothing to indate the camera has found the bin file.

    Either the camera doesn't read it, or ??? I notice on the Nikon download site that it clearly states it's a replacement for 1.02. I see other online reference, like on this site , to the 1.02 upgrade from last year, but the link provided is dead.
  • berkeleyberkeley Posts: 3Member
    I resolved it -- double checked the bin file on the card and copied it to both card 1 and card 2. The upgrade appears now and it installed. Thanks for the response.
  • IronheartIronheart Posts: 3,017Moderator
    Do you see the word "update" below the word "done"?
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