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Hi all..
I have had my D800 for about 2 years and have had no issues with it. Used it in torrential rain and snow for rugby..
Just about to use it and it won't start up.. There is a drained battery on the top screen but it is fully charged. Tried my other 3 Nikon batteries in the MB12 but still the same.. Now panicking as the shop I bought it from and the grip shut last year! this is what it is... Any help please..
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    Hi Neil, sorry to read of your problem. Just a thought, but I had a freshly charged battery register as flat a couple of weeks ago, it turned out to be a bit of muck in the battery contact slots...

    As you are UK based, I can vouch for the Nikon Repair Centre in Kingston. Fast and fair.
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    Thank you very much for your reply.. Have cleaned them with buds and some oil then dried off and cleaned again with just the buds.. Looks like it'll have to be Nikon...
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    My problem was a tiny hair in the battery contacts so get a very powerful magnifier and a good light and check it again? I presume you have a second battery that is telling you the same?
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    Have you tried without the MB12?
  • ncrobo65ncrobo65 Posts: 3Member
    Hi all.. Thank you for your replies..
    Spraynpray, yes I have 4 batteries,all Nikon, that are telling me the same thing..
    Snakebunk, yes I have tried it without the MB 12 and it's still the same.. Have also tried using rechargeable AA batteries in the other holder we have with the camera too..
    Have booked it in with Nikon, so will be sending both off with batteries for them to check..
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    Assuming water has not got into your camera at some point it looks like a circuitry problem. Nikon Will send you a quotaion for repairs before any works is done. Like Spraynpray says, Nikon uk offer an excellent service having used them on several occasions myself.
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