Nikon D800e Video of Sailing 6,000 miles to Antarctica.

aorraorr Posts: 5Member
I thought I would share this video that I put together of a sailing trip last year to Antarctica. Much of the video footage is from a Nikon D800e and various Nikon lenses (although there is some GoPro video footage as well).

The trip started in South America, we then sailed to the South Shetland Islands. Then, onto Antarctica where we spent about a week. We then sailed to South Georgia Island and spent another week, followed by 10 days of sailing to Tristan da Cunha (the most remote inhabited island in the world), and lastly we ended up in Cape Town, South Africa. The whole trip was about 60 days long.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments about the video. This is my first time doing a long film (19 minutes) so it's a little bit rough, but hopefully you'll enjoy it.
Or the vimeo link:

Thanks for watching!


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