Is this thread for all 3 of these cameras?

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Is this a tread for all 3 of these cameras? I was looking for a D800 discussion tread....but I just placed my order in for the D800 from B&H. The last Nikon I bought was the n2020, back when I used a darkroom :) Next thing will be software......any recs? 


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    Next thing will be software......any recs? 

    Yes, Adobe lightroom 4

    but you will need a a fairly high spec computer

    if possible, i7 processor 12gb RAM and at couple of terabytes of Hard drive

    lower specs will work  but if you want to edit 1000+ shots from a wedding and remain sane , get an up to date computer together with nice big high resolution monitor

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    Hello, I have started new threads for the D4, D800, and D600.  If someone wants to chat about the D700, they can start that thread as well.  Thank you Havoc.
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    Thank You Msmoto!!

    sevencrossing, I was just looking at the lightroom software package and came back here to see your post, Thanks !!  I have a high-end laptop (gamer) and plus I can pick up a external TB hard drive.

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    This was just a sample discussion in the D600/D700/D800 category. You can start your own discussion (or question) and then select that category or you can just use the discussions started by Msmoto. The categories are just placeholders for the discussions that are started by members and are helpful for easy navigation around the forum.
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    guys I'm closing this thread. please use the dedicated threads for particular cameras. 
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